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Presenting a new and ongoing collection

of affordable quality custom poster

artwork and accessories from

Bianca, the PinupPixie and

artist Jeff Wack.

Featuring the many fun adventures

of the vivacious and beautiful PinupPixie

of TikTok fame.

Bring some home for your favorite wall.

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items to come!!

Jeff Wack, Illustrator
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About Bianca the Pinup Pixie

TikTok personality and cosplay content creator Bianca Blakney is known across the world under the username ‘@pinuppixie’.

Her short-form 1950’s inspired cosplay videos have garnered her millions of followers. Bianca is 24 years old and her birth sign is Sagittarius. Full of energy and a sharp comedic wit, she continues to charm us all daily with her take on many uniquely fashionable observations and adventures.

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About Jeff Wack the Artist

Jeff Wack is a world renowned commercial illustrator.
His artistic creations have graced the pages of national and international magazines, movie posters, as well as
many well known DVD and CD covers. 
Commissioned by dozens of Fortune 500 companies, Jeff has won numerous professional awards.
This new and ongoing collaboration has been an exciting and fun process for both model and artist!

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